Hondurans in South Florida ‘hopeless’ after Trump administration ends immigration protection TPS

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Trump administration extends TPS protections for certain immigrants – "After the Trump administration cruelly threw the lives of TPS holders into disarray in an illegal revocation of their temporary immigration status, it was high-time that the Department of Homeland Security extended their status after the court ruling," Rep. Ral Grijalva wrote in a statement Thursday.

Trump administration to send 57,000 Hondurans in the US. – The Trump administration has decided to end a temporary program that allows 57,000 The administration has already let protections for several countries expire, including Orlando Lopez, a Honduran TPS holder living in Miami, told reporters on a call this week.

Trump administration seeking criminal history of Haitians – Haitian President Jovenel Moïse will personally ask President Donald Trump not to end a humanitarian. that ending TPS for the roughly 300,000 Haitians, El Savadorans and Hondurans would cost U.S..

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On Friday, the Trump administration announced the cancellation of the Temporary Protected Status, or TPS Keren Sarmiento, a Honduran immigrant who arrived in South Florida as a baby, was The TPS program began in 1990 to provide protection to immigrants from 10 countries affected by.

Trump administration ends protected status for 60,000 Hondurans – The Trump administration is shutting off protections for people who have lived in the United States for nearly two decades and has started the clock on their The Department of Homeland Security announced it was ending the protection for Hondurans but has delayed the shutdown date until Jan.

Trump administration ends protections for 57,000 Hondurans – The Trump administration on Friday ended a special immigration program for 57,000 Hondurans who have legally lived and worked in the U.S. for two The announcement is the latest step by the administration to phase out Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which is granted to foreign nationals.

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Central Americans and Haitians no longer need protected status, State Department says – Congress established TPS in 1990 to protect foreign nationals from being returned to their countries amid instability and precarious conditions caused by natural disasters or armed conflict. Trump.

TPS-holding Hondurans will need to depart the United States by January 5, 2020 unless they can find The Trump administration, however, has announced that TPS protection will soon be ending for If you have TPS from Honduras, you should consult an immigration attorney immediately to.

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The Trump administration will end temporary protections for immigrants in the United States from Honduras, leaving potentially 57,000 people In January, the trump administration ended TPS classification for some 200,000 Salvadorans, which had allowed to live and work in the United States.