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Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas is set to announce a suite of property tax changes to offset a shortfall in stamp duty revenue in this year’s state budget. Property taxes to be hiked in Vic budget Home

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Victoria Residents Face Tax Hike in 2018. This is based on a home assessed at $641,000 which represents an increase of $65 in property taxes, $13 for water, $7 for solid waste, and $7 for the new storm drainage utility. However, the major contributor to the tax increase is the growing allocation for salaries and benefits. As a tenant in Victoria.

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Victorian. in increased property taxes in this year’s state budget. Treasurer Tim Pallas unveiled property taxes for heritage property and residential land owners on Saturday alongside increased.

The civic body is set to hike property tax rates by anywhere between 15 and 30%, which will come into effect this financial year. This comes close on the heels of a hike in the power tariff and a.

The foreign investor duty will rise from 7 to 8 per cent from July 1 this year, while about 3000 foreign owners will be hit with a rise in the absentee owner tax from 1.5 to 2 per cent from January 1.

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Foreign property investors to face hurdles The foreign investor duty will rise from 7% to 8% from July 01. Nearly 3,000 foreign owners, meanwhile, will have to grapple with a rise in the absentee owner tax – up from 1.5% to 2%.

Victoria council has given preliminary approval to a budget and strategic plan that will hike taxes by 4.3 per cent and see about 34 new full-time employees hired.

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But an analysis of budget figures. over to the property tax side,” Adams said. Even as community colleges’ property tax.

City of Vancouver approves 2018 budget, with a last-minute property tax hike By Emily Lazatin reporter cknw councillor andrea reimer, who spearheaded the motion, says this will even the odds.

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"We’re concerned, however, about the series of tax measures announced today. The budget introduces new taxes, hints at future taxes, and hikes existing taxes on housing. Taxes don’t make homes more affordable." Below is a summary of the key real estate measures announced today. There’s considerable information to go through.