Are Baby Boomers Financial Marketers’ Millennial Secret Weapon?

And so he directs his ire at none other than the largest generation in American history, the baby. boomers and millennials; the latter are much more likely to have a doom-and-gloom view of the.

Most Millennials, however, do not know a world without text messages, Google, Facebook or mp3 players. We’re finding this generation taking over the population of many businesses, including the veterinary world. They have a bad rap for being lazy, but in reality, they just work differently than their Baby Boomers and Generation X. colleagues.

Sorry, millennials. Now there’s something else to resent about your baby boom elders: new research suggests they’re happier than you, too. A staggering 74 per cent of Canada’s boomers (born. is the.

The 30-year-old Minneapolis financial consultant is typical among her generation: Some 60% of millennials think making socially responsible investments is important, compared to 36% of baby boomers.

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That, by itself, should be keeping marketers up at night – because Gen Z’ers are different than millennials or aging baby boomers. They don’t trust. This experience gave her the financial.

Although many millennials are burdened by student loans and underemployment their buying power will only continue to increase as they inherit businesses estates and jobs from retiring baby boomers.

According to an April 2016 employee financial wellness survey, 38% of boomers, 46% of Gen Xers, and 51% of millennials said that financial matters are the top cause of stress in their lives. In fact, baby boomers (50%), Gen Xers (56%), and millennials (60%) share the same top financial concern about not having enough emergency savings for.

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Priorities change, and boomers’ financial lives revolve around saving for things. remember that emotion is a marketer’s secret weapon. Tapping into it allows you to cut across race, gender, social.

Baby boomers and millennials go together about as well as peanut butter on a tuna fish sandwich. The battle between the two generations is centered around a giant "blame game": Baby boomers believe millennials are entitled and lazy. And millennials blame baby boomers for risky financial practices that contributed to housing and stock market crashes.