Rep. Greg Pence tweaked his campaign finance report ‘to avoid confusion … from hostile reporters,’ spokesman says

 · The morning after national media outlets first started reporting that Donald Trump had chosen indiana gov. mike Pence to be his running mate, the campaign of Glenda Ritz, the state’s superintendent of public instruction and a vocal Pence critic, issued a press release tearing down the governor’s record on schools.

Rep. Greg Pence, facing scrutiny for spending campaign funds on overnight stays at the Trump International Hotel, tweaked his campaign finance filings Tuesday "in order to avoid confusion here.

WASHINGTON – Greg Pence, a freshman congressman and brother of Vice President Mike Pence, reported spending more than $7,600 in campaign funds on lodging at the Trump International Hotel in the first months

Trump’s comments blur line between ‘oppo research’ and stolen information Democratic lawmakers ‘astonished’ by Trump’s claim that taking foreign ‘dirt’ is routine rep. greg pence tweaked his campaign finance report ‘to avoid confusion.from hostile reporters,’ spokesman says

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Trump gave his campaign about $31,000 in in-kind contributions in the first 19 days of the month — down from the $2 million a month in cash he had been donating. Trump’s total personal contributions to his campaign currently total a little more than $56 million." — CW

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Rep. Greg Pence’s campaign amends report on Trump hotel costs."In order to avoid confusion here from hostile reporters, the FEC report will be amended to change the description from `lodging’ to `fundraising event costs,’" Robertson said before the updated reports were filed.