Tenants may be offered ‘buy as you go’ ownership

[Note: Since the tenants have a legal right to live in the property until their lease term ends, this can often mean the best option for the seller is to offer the tenant cash for keys.] The other option is to buy the property and then break the lease(s), renegotiate the terms or "buy out" the tenant(s) yourself.

Families in rented accommodation may be allowed to buy their homes without a deposit or mortgage under "buy as you go" plans being studied by ministers. housing associations say that they.

Understanding Tenancy: The Different Ways to Co-Own Property .. Tenancy in common allows an owner the greatest flexibility to transfer the property as he or she wants. Each co-tenant in a tenancy in common has an interest in the property and is free to transfer this interest during life or through a will.. You may be afraid of losing your.

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Before you buy a rent stabilized building you should ask the seller to show you all the rent registration materials from the last four years. Remember, if the building has not been correctly registered or if the current owner is not abiding by the law, you might get stuck with legal actions from tenants after you buy. Be careful.

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You can agree on a purchase price now, or on a standard for purchase, such as FMV as evidenced by appraisal (be sure to spell out who pays for appraisal). Tenant goes along paying rent as usual, and at some point within the year, at their discretion, they are able to get a commerical mortgage and buy the property. You may want to give them.