What Homebuyers Need to Know

After you’ve determined the type(s) and extent of the damage, you’ll need to know how much it will cost to repair the home and make it safe to live in. Repair costs are the number one determinant of whether you should opt for a water damaged home.

The average age for first-time home buyers is 33, according to real estate site Zillow.. If you know where you want to live, try and get a realtor referral. Fifty four .

The lender wants to know about credit history. Brokers and lenders can waive and reduce fees. You may need to talk with a.

Here’s what every first-time home buyer needs to know to dive into house hunting with confidence-and with as few curveballs as possible. Whether it’s getting a mortgage, choosing a real estate.

First-time homebuyers John and Jennifer always knew they wanted to add value to the first home they owned. So when they bought their first place in Roswell, Ga., they immediately started remodeling, and they decided to tackle many of their home improvement projects themselves.

This experience happens to many first-time homebuyers. Say that you need a new pair of red shoes, so you go to the mall. At the first shoe store, you find a fabulous pair of red shoes, and they fit perfectly. Do you buy them? Of course not! You go to every other store in the mall trying on red shoes until you are ready to drop from exhaustion.

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Before you close on the sale, you need to know what kind of shape the house is in. You don’t want to get stuck with a money pit or with the headache of performing a lot of unexpected (and.

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You’ve finally found your ideal home. And it looks like it’s in excellent condition, but merely looking is not enough when it comes to such a huge financial decision. Doug, an expert home.

What first-time homebuyers need to know is that when you hold a pre-approval, in writing, it puts you in good standing with builders and lets them know you are a serious buyer. 3. Apply for a Mortgage. When you find the perfect home, your builder will draw up a new home contract.