Beijing Won’t Dump Treasuries, But It Might Stop Buying Them, Reinhart Says

Beijing Won’t Dump Treasuries, But It Might Stop Buying Them, Reinhart Says. by Tyler Durden. Tue, 05/28/2019 – 08:02. 0. SHARES. Ask any wall street pundit about the possibility that Beijing might dump its dollar reserves and, odds are, their reaction will range from casual dismissal to.

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Why China won’t dump its huge U.S. Treasury bond hoard. They worry that Beijing may dump its vast Treasury holdings to punish the world’s biggest economy, the U.S.. which threatened its.

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CHINA DUMPING US TREASURIES: THE PROBLEM IS, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?. what happens to 10 year rates when whoever has been absorbing China’s Treasury dump no longer bids the. emerges, namely, that the USA might possibly be buying back all those treasuries with all that QE money already.

Donald Trump threatens billions more in China trade tariffs; Beijing says it won’t respond to U.S. ‘blackmail’ HEDGE 08/01/2018. President Donald Trump’s administration threatened Wednesday to increase tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods, escalating a trade war a day after a Chinese.

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Facing an overvalued currency that is hurting corporate profits and slowing growth, China appears ready to dump its $1.3 trillion in U.S. Treasury bonds to drive U.S. interest rates up to.

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