Family ‘can’t sleep’ after vandals destroyed their home and cars

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I’d say, How’s your home? If you think you’re in danger of flooding, leave your car here. We’ve got all the insurance in the world. We’re okay.’ If this place goes substantially under water, no one.

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Family ‘can’t sleep’ after vandals destroyed their cars and home.. Parents desperately search for stem cell donor for their 7-year-old son. mourning paradise: collective trauma in a town destroyed – Most died in their homes – others while fleeing in their cars. her family’s treasures. But Holcomb won’t rebuild, she said.

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Residents on the far west side of Indianapolis are cleaning up after vandals broke into more than a dozen cars overnight. West side residents asking "Why?" after vandals break car windows – Crime News – 13 WTHR Indianapolis

MOORHEAD-Several families in the metro, are scrambling to repair their car windows, after vandals shot them out overnight. Between Fargo and Moorhead, police report close to a dozen windows.

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Family Receives Closure After Vandals Destroy Loved One’s Grave. first shared their family’s story with CBS 11 in 2015.. through social media who may be deserving of a head stone but can.

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Warner Todd Huston needs your help today! Vandals Burned My Dad’s Car – My dad, Warner Todd Huston, has been working to improve the United States for over a decade with his writing, but now he is faced with a crisis after vandals attacked his home and — most shockingly — now set his car on fire all because he dares to speak out about his conservative principles.

Car was vandalized, got a message from family implying they were involved. Traded in car (that I got from them) Sunday. Last night new car was vandalized. (self.JUSTNOMIL). not a good idea when their previous car got their windows smashed in?