Millennials Are Taking on Credit Card Debt Because We Can’t Afford Necessities

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 · Many Millennials further incur credit card debt as they try to get themselves established during adulthood. Paying your monthly credit card bills on. you can’t work forever because of illness.

2 days ago · Another major life goal that people are putting off because they can’t afford it is kids. Millennials say they can’t afford kids because. a vacation without taking on credit card debt to do.

But now even the basic narrative that millennials avoid taking on high-interest credit card debt is revealing itself to be untrue. According to new data from the New york federal reserve, some members of the generation known for staying out of consumer debt have found themselves swimming in it. Credit card delinquencies among 18-to-29-year-olds is now at an eight-year high of 8 percent.

Student debt has skyrocketed in recent decades, with the average American under 35 holding $17,200 in student loan debt, which could be discouraging millennials from opening a credit card and possibly taking on more debt. Another potential factor is the financial crisis of 2008, which has even caused older Americans to shed credit card debt.

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Any kind of debt drags down your budget with constant monthly payments, but credit card debt is an especially heavy load because the interest rates are so high. The heavier student loan debts millennials bear, by contrast, tend to have relatively low, fixed interest rates and long payment terms, so they’re less burdensome.

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"I have a really good credit card that gives me a lot of points, so I try to take. facts about millennials: We’ve all basically given up homebuying dreams because of our lifetime commitment to.

///Boomers like Millennials because those are the lastkids or the grandkids. I am a baby boomer and I only had one child because that’s all I could afford. I paid her way through college and she isn’t saddled with debt. I got lucky with a job and a boss who didn’t go bankrupt so it worked out for me .. The average credit card debt of.

Millennials. Millennials Are Taking on Credit Card Debt Because We Can’t Afford Necessities – VICE. VICE – Allie Conti. A new report has more bad news for young people. For a long time, the conventional wisdom was that millennials hated credit cards.