Bank of Thailand to retain LTV regulation

 · A resident bank account is, in theory, one owned by a person residing in Thailand for regular use within Thailand, while a non-resident bank account refers to one owned by a person having no presence or residence in Thailand. For the purpose of a resident bank account, Thai residence can be proved by a permanent residence permit or a valid work.

The Bank of Thailand will keep a close eye on the property market, particularly speculative buyers, to prevent real estate issues from turning into a full-blown crisis. The bank stated on April 1 that it is working to implement stricter rules on real estate mortgages through the loan to value ratio (LTV).

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Maximum Loan to Value Ratio Note : * Maximum LTV Ratio is the maximum credit limit to purchasing price. ** Purchasing Price complies with the Bank of Thailand regulations. *** If refinancing, the bank will provide a credit limit equal to 100% of outstanding loan and customers can apply for a multi-purpose loan plus

"The new LTV regulation from the Bank of Thailand, the new land and building taxes, the rising land prices, and the political situation have affected the residential market in bangkok. developers slowed down new launches and focused on clearing inventories before the LTV regulation was put into effect. In the second half of

Under the new rules, the maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio will be restricted at 80% on new mortgages for homes worth more than 10 million baht. Bank of Thailand’s new rules to tighten mortgage lending are credit positive – Banking

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Despite the Finance Ministry’s request to ease the new loan-to-value (LTV) requirement, the Bank of Thailand has insisted on maintaining the regulation, saying bad mortgages continued to climb for.

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