Pimco Warns That Central Banks Can’t Rescue the Bond Market

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Pimco Warns and Warns on Inflation as Bonds Hint It’s Not So Bad. And demand ebbed this week at a sale of 30-year Treasury Inflation Protected Securities. Yet the divergence highlights a debate over whether the latest jump in inflation is for real. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said this week that costs moved up mainly because of the diminishing effects of earlier declines in energy and import prices.

In bonds, buy inflation protection via TIPS; shorten maturities and durations; don’t fight central banks – anticipate them. anything that can’t be reproduced as fast as credit. Think of PIMCO in.

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Treasurys can still benefit if stocks and other risk assets get pummeled. In early May, the central bank’s interest-rate setting committee dismissed weakness in economic data in the first quarter to support a June rate increase. A month later, Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen said a tight labor market would eventually push up inflation to support monetary tightening this year.

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Fear of faster inflation is why a hawkish Fed – a Fed that warns it may increase its policy rate more than markets expect in the near term – can ultimately be good for the bond market. A hawkish Fed can calm fears of economic overheating and thereby steer bond investors toward the view that its policy rate will remain low over the long term.

Investors who overreact to the prospect of rising interest rates may be doing themselves, and their investment portfolios, a disservice.

On Tuesday, market watchers did not witness the buying or selling of a single 10-year Japanese Government Bond on an exchange. on the belief that central banks will coordinate their efforts and.

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