‘They want to live simply.’ Are tiny houses the next big thing in Macon?

And Jay Shafer’s "Tiny House Book" is just the thing to start people thinking about downsizing. Unlike other tiny house books that speak of tiny houses as simply a temporary space in which to get away from it all, Jay’s tiny houses are real houses intended for full-time residence.

Tiny houses are the next big thing Live a Little. The standard MoonShadow model is a 12-foot-by-16-foot fully insulated tiny house equipped with a 100 amp electric panel, wall plugs, an AC plug.

"They want to live simply. The want to live light on the Earth. They want to be part of a community which we are building here." Many tiny homes to be on display at Central City Park

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This DIY package for Tiny Living by 84 Lumber includes the architectural blueprints for one of the tiny home models, a materials list, and a trailer built to meet the requirements of the selected house. The trailer will be outfitted with a subfloor and ready for walls. All materials on the list and essentials to build a tiny home can be purchased at a local 84 Lumber.

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You might say tiny houses are the next big thing, and 32-year-old Joe Everson is riding the wave. Everson grew up in the construction business. He stands 6 feet 5 inches and is all muscle. He was the biggest cop on his shift at the North Memphis precinct and was always called to break up domestics.

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