Scottish parliament consults on introducing rent controls

Lib Dem msp jim hume warned introducing rent controls could actually see an increase in rent costs. The Committee set up to look at the Bill are asking the Scottish Government for more information on why they consider the rent cap proposal necessary when they are trying to increase supply in the market.

"And I can announce today that in Parliament we have begun the work to introduce a new rent restrictions act – a Mary Barbour law to protect tenants and to control rents exactly as I pledged to do in.

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Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish. The current parliament was set for five years to avoid clashing with this year’s UK election. There will also be a budget bill, legislation to strengthen lobbying.

Aberlour’s response to the Welfare Reform Committee’s inquiry into the future delivery of Scottish Social Security 2015 Prepared by Alex Cole-Hamilton, Head of Policy Introduction Aberlour – Scotland’s children’s charity, has been working with vulnerable families who require extra

However, the introduction. and all "purely Scottish affairs." Or, as William Cowan, explained: "The powers of the Scottish parliament will closely resemble those of the Irish parliament, with the.

Scottish rent controls: we’ve walked 500 miles, but we need to walk 500 more. nicola sturgeon’s announcement that the Scottish government will introduce rent controls is welcome, but the.

The commission is charged with enforcing the treaties and introducing new laws. B. The parliament serves as a conduit through which citizens of the EU can express opinions. C. The council is responsible for enacting laws based on the proposals submitted by the commission. D. All of the above are responsibilities. (Answer)

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We’ll consult on and introduce new legislation to decentralise local authority functions, budgets and democratic oversight to local communities. We will also give people much more control. The SNP.

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First minister nicola sturgeon met survivors of abuse at Glasgow Young Women’s Movement (YWCA) centre on the day the scottish government introduced the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill to the Scottish Parliament. The Bill creates a new statutory offence of domestic abuse that recognises the damage and hurt that non-physical abuse can cause.