How Capital Requirements Keep Your Savings Account Safe

While that savings account was a good option when you were in your teens, it can be a less-than-desirable holding place for your cash reserves now that you’re an adult. Granted, savings accounts are a great place to hold your emergency fund (which should cover at least six months’ worth of vital living expenses).

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The Capital One 360 Checking account offers a mix of convenience and high interest rates, so long as you have a high balance. It doesn’t excel in any one category, but it does not lag behind in.

When you’re equipped with the right knowledge, you can keep your account secure by taking the proper precautions like never saving your debit card information to a website or regularly monitoring your account for unauthorized activity. stay safe with this list of 10 ways to protect your checking account.

The risk of a fraudster accessing your bank account through the card you use at the ATM or a shop terminal is very real. In fact, card fraud accounts for more than $624billion a year, or 48c in every $1,000 Australians spend on their bank cards 1. But there are a few simple steps anyone can take to minimise the risk of people accessing our accounts via our cards.

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You can’t compare it with a public list of typical fees. Your fin­ancial planner will keep an eye on your account, of course.

Billionaire Warren Buffett likes to keep $20 billion minimum around, though he parks it in Treasury bills, bonds, and notes, not a savings account. Figure your number out by being honest with yourself and considering all of the factors above. Once you hit your goal, you can start putting money into investments with higher returns.

Find out exactly how much money you should keep in your savings accounts when it comes to emergency funds, home down payments, savings goals and more.

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Yes, your funds may indeed be FDIC insured, but that won’t help you if someone gets access to your account and withdraws your funds. You have to take preventative steps to ensure that your money is safe. Luckily for you this post will teach you how to keep the money in your online savings account safe and sound. Here are a few tips. Phishing

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